How To Start A Sports Blog In 4 Minutes Successfully Now

Are you wondering how to start a sports blog? It’s extremely easy! Many people ask does it really take 4 minutes? Yes, from the time that you start it will take you four minutes to create your sports website.

If you want to go immediately to the step by step tutorial then go to the category titled step by step tutorial below.

In these first few paragraphs, I will give you tips and help you learn how you can make good money with your sports blog in just a few months.


What is your favorite sport? What type of sports blog would you like to create?

The reason that I ask this question is to help you figure out specifically what your sports blog is going to be about. Some people only know one sport so they would be better off writing about that specific sport. There are two types of sports blogs. There are sports blogs that talk about every sport such as ESPN and Deadspin. They talk about football, basketball, soccer, etc.

I don’t recommend this type of sports blog and here is why. It is too much for one man to handle. If you have friends to help you then go for it, but if you don’t, then I recommend this type of sports blog. Narrow it down to one topic. There are some websites that only talk about their favorite team or their favorite sport.

There are some blogs that only cover fantasy football. An example of this type of blog is, which only covers Miami Heat basketball. Another example is, which only covers the terrible New England Patriots, yeah I said it!


Do you have the perfect blog name for your website?

Make sure that you choose a brandable name for your site. Don’t make your name too long, but make it something that is catchy or something that people will remember. I know that you might be wondering how much is a domain name going to cost you?

It is going to cost you about $15 a year at a domain registrar, but don’t worry I have got you covered. When you host your blog with SiteGround you will get a free domain name for life.


Be very careful when choosing a domain.

I would like to remind you of something when starting a sports blog. Make sure that you do not choose a trademark domain name. It would not be very wise to make a domain like or You can be sued if you ever choose a domain name like these above. All of your hard work could be annihilated in the future.


How to make money with a sports blog?

First I would like to start by how not to make money. Please do not sell fake sports items. It is not legal to sell fake sports items and it can cost you your blog. It can cost you your reputation. It can cost you jail time and it can cost you a hefty fine. Don’t do it no matter how profitable that it may seem.


Sell your own T-shirts

People don’t know how profitable it is to sell their own products. It is extremely easy and you don’t need a lot of visitors. All that you need is a few loyal readers. You can buy a screen printing machine or you can work through a company like and you can sell your own sports t-shirts for $29.99 a pop.

Imagine if you get 20 sales, which is really not a lot. Do you see the huge potential here? If you have your own design that you think people might like then go for it. If you’re getting 3000 targeted visitors every month, which is extremely easy to get then that can result in 20 or more sales. Even if you make 200 dollars profit a month in the beginning that is an accomplishment.


Sell other products.

You don’t have to stop selling apparel. You can sell things like cool sports mugs, backpacks, designed footballs, etc. You have to understand that sports fans are into anything with their favorite sports team’s logo on it. If I’m a loyal reader to your blog and you are selling a Miami Dolphins mug, which is my favorite team then I wouldn’t mind buying a mug from you. I would love to help you out and also I will get an item that I can use daily and love looking at.


Make money with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is basically referring to others to a product. There are so many companies that will pay you 5% to 50% of any product or service that you sell. Think about all the programs and items that you can make money from. You can makeover 500 dollars by referring one of your visitors to a professional playoff game, with a ticket service affiliate.

You can make $30 by referring to one of your visitors to a health and fitness program affiliate. You can make $15 by referring one of your visitors to a cheap weight set on There is always a way to make money with affiliate marketing.


Start a membership section.

With WordPress, you can easily install a free plugin that lets you start a membership section. Why not start a membership section where your visitors can get free access to a particular area of your blog for only $1.00 a year? You will be surprised by how many people will pay a certain amount of money if you offer something that they are interested in.


Adsense is still worth it.

You can easily make money with your blog by just throwing ads onto your site. It is easy to start and it is easy to make money. Some people are making $4000/mo with Google Adsense. You need a lot of traffic to get those numbers, but you can easily make $100/mo or more with a good amount of traffic and good ad placement.


Sell space

When you start getting 10,000 monthly visitors or more to your sports blog there are a lot of companies that are going to want to display banners onto your blog. You can charge them $50 or more a month to display their banners onto your site.

There are many ways that you can get companies to display their ads onto your site. Here are two ways. You can use websites like BuySellAds where they will get a cut of every ad space that you sell through them or you can contact companies yourself.


Income conclusion

There is a large market for sports bloggers and there are many ways that you can make money. You just have to use your head and see what works for you and what doesn’t. Just remember one thing, don’t sell fake stuff and you will be OK.


How will I get visitors to my sports blog?

The answer to this question is very simple. In this section, I will show you the best way to get traffic and bring readers to your site.


Get traffic by blogging.

This is the easiest way to bring in readers to your blog. You need to blog to receive Google traffic. Blog about things that people don’t blog about. Put effort into your writing. If you write only one post on Google, I guarantee that you will not be getting a lot of traffic, unless you are getting social media traffic. But, if you have 30 posts you will see that your traffic starts to rise. If you have 60 posts you will see that your search engine traffic starts to rise even more. Stand out and just blog about the things that you are passionate about and the visitors will come.


Get traffic by starting a Youtube channel.

There are many people on Youtube that review sports games and sports incidents. There is a good chance that you can review a topic that blows up and brings 10,000 views to your video in a week. The more and more views that you get, that will result in more subscribers and that will result in more exposure to your blog and more followers. A Youtube channel gets your blog out there. I strongly recommend that you do not neglect the benefits that you will receive from Youtube.


Get traffic from Pinterest

You should start a Pinterest account immediately. In less than a month using Pinterest, I started getting more than 400 visitors a day. All you have to do is post your pictures and join a Pinterest sports group board. Some groups have more than 100,000 people in them. When you post a picture or video in a large group that has a chance of bringing a lot of visitors to your blog. Never underestimate the power of Pinterest.


Get traffic from commenting on other sports blogs.

Writing thoughtful comments on other blogs is a great way to not only get readers but loyal readers. I’m not saying that you should spam comment sections, but I’m saying don’t be afraid to comment. When you comment on other blogs what you are doing is engaging in a community and you yourself are becoming part of the community. It is said that the Mashable founder Pete Cashmore made his blog popular by commenting on various other websites.


Get traffic from Google Plus

Have you ever used Google Plus? If you want to join a community then you should definitely join one of their sports communities. Google likes when bloggers use Google Plus and if you join a community with over 100,000 members there is a good chance that someone is going to share your content. It won’t take long before you are able to go viral.


Get traffic from Facebook and Twitter

I’m not only talking about getting traffic from your Twitter followers and Facebook friends. I’m talking about reaching out to people you don’t know on Twitter. You should start a professional Facebook Page and promote it. You should join Facebook communities and post your content in them. Take advantage of what is at your disposal.


Get traffic from Instagram

Instagram is exploding and making a huge statement. Instagram can increase your sales and drive traffic to your blog. The good thing about Instagram is that it is extremely easy to get Instagram followers. With the right strategy, your Instagram followers will turn into visitors and buyers.


Email list

Make sure from the beginning that you start getting email subscribers. This is one of the most important things that you need when starting a blog. Let’s say that you have 1000 email subscribers, 5% or more will turn into buyers and visitors.

That means for every post that you make you can send messages to your subscribers in bulk. If you have 1000 subscribers that can easily lead to 200 or more visits per post. If someone subscribes to your blog that means that they want to be a part of what you have to offer. Never forget that. To start a mailing list make sure that use Aweber or MailChimp.


Big opportunities for you

This is just the beginning. Your sports blog can open up a door for you to become a writer for an even bigger sports blog. People might ask you to write to them and also I recommend you to reach out to some other bloggers so that you can write to them.


Let’s start by choosing the right platform. What not to choose?

Whatever you do never start your sports blog with or the free version of WordPress. If you do you have already failed as a blogger. When you choose these platforms you give up all ownership rights. Your blog can be deleted by just sneezing the wrong way.

You have a lack of features. You have to have a domain like, which is unprofessional and it gets fewer shares, fewer visits, and bad rankings on Google. Rarely do you see a site like this on page 1 of Google and sites like this never make it big?


Here is what you need to choose

All real bloggers like myself use This is the self-hosted WordPress. It is free, but all you need is hosting. For a sports blog, you are going to need a fast hosting company that offers premium performance.

I strongly recommend that choose SiteGround which has a page load response time of around 300ms. It is only going to cost you $3.95 a month, which is way cheaper than other companies which charge around $11 a month.


Let’s start right now. It is only going to take 4 minutes with SG. Here is the step by step tutorial.

Click here to start with SiteGround at 60% off.

  1. Click see plans(choose the startup plan)
  2.  Make A domain
  3. If the domain is available it will say congratulations!
  4. Now add your account info, billing info, etc.
  5. Don’t worry about the extras. You are not required to add any if you don’t want them.
  6. Continue and now you officially have a hosting provider.
  7. Click the get WordPress to preinstall option and proceed and they will do the hard work.
  8. Create your login info and choose any template for now.
    You’re finished and your website is up.

Like I said it only takes four minutes.


Install plugins

The huge reason why over 25% of the entire internet is built on WP is because of plugins. WordPress has over 31,000 plugins that you can install in just one click. Go to the plugins section and add new plugins. Install Yoast SEO to help you rank better. Install W3 Total Cache for better performance and more speed.

Install any plugin that you want. If you want to sell on your site install Woocommerce. There are sports plugins that will let you add sports highlights, news, clips, and more onto your site. Display your social media profiles in your sidebar and more.


What theme are you going to use? Here is what I recommend.

WordPress does offer over 2,000 free themes to choose from and of course, you can install a theme from, but if you’re serious I strongly recommend that you check out Genesis.

This is what all the top bloggers are using and it is great for beginners. It makes your site faster and it helps you rank better on Google because it is truly SEO optimized. The Metro Pro Theme and the News Pro Theme are two great Genesis themes for bloggers.


Things to do

Go to settings and then go to permalinks and switch your permalink structure to post name. When you do this your articles won’t have an ugly URL structure.

All you have to do is go to the posts section and you will be able to start a new blog post.

I strongly recommend that you bookmark this page now because it is packed with information. Any time that you need help all you have to do is go back to it.

WordPress is extremely easy to use, but if you need any help you can open live chat support with SiteGround or call them. If you want to you can even contact me and I will help you with any question that you might have.


Motivational sports quotes for building your dream blog.

“Most people give up just when they’re about to achieve success. They quit on the one-yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game one foot from a winning touchdown.” Ross Perot

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” Michael Jordan

Champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them-a desire, a dream, a vision. Muhammad Ali

If you truly expect to realize your dreams, abandon the need for blanket approval. If conforming to everyone’s expectations is the number one goal, you have sacrificed your uniqueness, and therefore your excellence.

In the world there are believers and then there are non-believers. For all of you non-believers out there, I have something to say to you…never underestimate the heart of a champion. Rudy Tom Johnavich

There may be people that have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.” – Derek Jeter