MaxCDN Vs Cloudfront: 5 Reasons Why The Choice Is Easy

We will help you make the best choice out of MaxCDN Vs Cloudfront. I have a feeling that you are already favoring towards MaxCDN and I will make life easier for you. I always tell new bloggers especially eCommerce store owners to make sure that you purchase a CDN.

MaxCDN Vs Cloudfront: 5 Reasons Why The Choice Is Easy

What do CDNs do?

They will make your site go faster by caching all of your static files and delivering them with great speed to your end users all around the world.

Most of the top bloggers are using MaxCDN. People such as Neil Patel, Joost de Valk, Syed Balkhi, and more all use MaxCDN to increase their blog speeds.

1. Which one makes your website faster? Max

We all know that Google takes site speed into consideration as a ranking factor. Not only that but if your site is extremely slow that could result in a Google penalty. This is what led me to buy MaxCDN and I have had great results.

MaxCDN caches the files from your origin and that’s why they are better in terms of speed and stability than Cloudfront because you don’t need to point your dns to them.


2. Which one offers better support? Max 

I have never received better support than I have gotten with MaxCDN. Their support staff is extremely knowledgeable. They help you set up and install your CDN with ease. I love them because they even help you with things that are not MaxCDN related. Many of their employees are WordPress experts.

Live chat – Cloudfront does not have live chat, which is a big one for me. Live chat is more convenient for customers. In a situation where you need to talk to someone immediately, you are going to be out of luck. MaxCDN does offer live chat.

Amazon Web Services only offers you a forum, while with Max you get phone support, ticket support, and live chat.


3. Which one is easier to set up? Max

This is where live chat becomes so beneficial for you because they can walk you through everything. It is easier to set up CDN with MaxCDN. I set my site up easy with no problem. With both, you can use W3 total cache. There is more information on Google for MaxCDN than CloudFront. Not only that but with Max, it is easier to find tutorials. Their tutorial page is simple to understand unlike with Cloudfront. The CF website does not have a lot of tutorials and it can be confusing.


4. Which one has better pricing? Max

When you choose MaxCDN you are either going to pay $9, $39 $79, or 299 dollars a month and you get a 30-day money-back guarantee. The most popular plan is the $79 plan, but I recommend the $39 plan or you can go with the 9 dollar plan. It all comes down to what you need. The good thing is if you choose yearly pricing you will get two months free and this will be the wisest choice. Our readers get 25% off with this MaxCDN coupon. That means the prices are reduced to $6.75, $29.25, $59.25, and $224.25.


With Amazon Cloudfront prices vary. You are charged for both bandwidth used, and the number of HTTP requests. With MaxCDN you know how much you are going to pay a month. With CF you can pay a low price one month than a high price the next. You have to think about what’s going to happen when you have a huge traffic spike. You can end up paying hundreds of dollars overnight. I heard of people who ended up paying $500 in a week.

CDN interface features

5. Which one has an easier interface? Max

There is no comparison between control panels. The MaxCDN control panel makes complex CDN technology easy to use. The CF control Panel is not visually appealing and can be intimidating.


Cloudfront features

  • Management Console
  • Dynamic Content
  • Custom Error Responses
  • Wildcard CNAME Support
  • Custom SSL
  • Support for POST/PUT and other HTTP Methods


MaxCDN Features

  • Realtime
  • Analytics
  • Origin Shield
  • API
  • Can override origin server headers
  • SSL
  • Purge & purge all files
  • Create secure tokens and enable two-step authentication to secure your account.
  • Control how your content behaves on every MaxCDN edge server with EdgeRules.


Improve your website today!

The fact that most top bloggers are using it, it’s easier, offers more and better support, you get better set prices, and it makes your site faster. MaxCDN is way better.

Max has done my site wonders. Don’t wait! (Try MaxCDN! Click here to get 25% off today.)


Quotes from top site owners

“I’ve long relied on MaxCDN’s services to speed up my site for visitors from all over the world and couldn’t imagine running my site without them.” Joost de Valk | CEO,

MaxCDN helps deliver the world’s most deployed piece of JavaScript, with great speed and reliability. What’s more, is the team making it all happen. Like MaxCDN, they don’t slow down and they don’t stop. We couldn’t be happier, but they keep on trying.” Richard D. Worth | Executive Director, jQuery Foundation

“EdgeCaching for Platforms has jumpstarted our ability to serve large, complex sites, and gives us a clear competitive advantage that we wouldn’t have built alone. MaxCDN has been a great partner for years!” Jason Cohen | Co-Founder, CEO, WP Engine