Squarespace Vs WordPress: 11 Reasons To Choose WP

The Squarespace Vs WordPress debate has been going on for a long time, but there is always going to be one clear winner in this comparison.

If you were hoping for a full comparison you have come to the right place and I will even assist you in creating your website today.

squarespace pricing plans

Price comparison

When we review the annual Squarespace plans we see that the prices are not too cheap. As you can see in the image there is a $8.00/mo plan, $18.00/mo, and a $26.00/mo plan.

I always recommend that you pay annually because the month to month plans get even more expensive. Here is what you are going to be paying if you want to pay monthly. $12.00/mo, $26.00/mo, and $36.00/mo. As you can see the SS plans are not too bad, but they can be better.


Now let’s review how much it will cost you if you go the WordPress route. With WordPress, it is free to use. All that you have to pay for is hosting for your website. If you want the top scalability, top performance, a free domain, and a cheap price then go with SiteGround. Instead of paying over $10/mo with SiteGround you are only going to pay $3.95, which is an awesome price. If you want a website builder for the best price, then you have to go with WP.

Disk space comparison

As a business, you are going to need space as your website grows. There is no real difference when it comes to space because both WordPress and Squarespace offer amazing storage and bandwidth. You are going to be able to receive a large number of visitors without a problem. The only difference is that the Squarespace Personal Plan only allows for 20 pages, which is not good for any business. You have no choice, but to get the Business or Commerce Plan.

Plugin comparison

Squarespace does not have features to extend your website. SS only has built-in features. That means you have to wait for their team to make the feature that you want which might never happen.

This is probably one of the top reasons why WordPress is better. You are able to install a plugin in just one click to add any feature that you want. WordPress is flexible and it allows your business to grow immediately. These plugins are going to make your business money and they are going to make your visitors happy.

Would you like to install a review system for your products? Would you like to allow your customers to sign in with their Facebook account? Would you like to add a special membership section or community forum onto your website? Would you like to add a group video chat feature so you can talk to your visitors? You can turn your site into the next FB if you wanted.

All that you need to do is install a plugin. There are almost 40,000 plugins that have been created and there are more still coming. You get to have fun. You get to be artistic and express yourself with different features. There is never going to be a feature that you won’t find and the best part is that they don’t have a cost.

Currently, for this website, I have 10 plugins installed, but there have been times where I have had over 20 plugins installed without a problem. You just have to see which ones work for you.

Ecommerce comparison

With WordPress to turn your website into a full-featured eCommerce store all that you have to do is install Woocommerce, which powers more than 30% of all online shops. There is over 10 million downloads. It’s not even close. Woocommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform ever.

The only platform that comes even close to Woocommerce is Magneto which powers 8% of all online shops. Squarespace is in the bottom percentile when it comes to ecommerce because remember it is not an ecommerce platform it is a website builder.

WordPress is easily better when it comes to ecommerce because with SiteGround you have the scalability that you need to hold and sell over 1000 products. You are not limited on how much inventory you can have and also you can install various plugins like referral program plugins and discount codes to increase sales. You can’t do this with Squarespace.

With the cheapest Squarespace plan you are only able to sell one product, which is ridiculous. Their Business Plan doesn’t seem like a business plan because you can only sell 20 products. The only plan that you should consider for eCommerce is their Commerce Plan which allows you to sell an unlimited amount of items, but it is going to cost you a hefty price. I still say that you are better off going with Woocommerce and WordPress.

Ownership comparison

When you choose Squarespace you have to understand that you are not the owner. You are renting your site. You are on their servers so you must be careful. With self hosted WordPress you are the owner. You are the man/woman in charge. You don’t have to ever worry about anything because the site is yours. You always want to be in full control when starting a business. Why do you think big brands like Forbes and CNN are on WordPress instead of Squarespace? I will get into this more below.

Popularity comparison.

According to the latest W3techs reports. WordPress is used by 25.4% of all websites. The next platform up after WP is Joomla with only 2.8% of the internet. Squarespace is all the way at the bottom with 0.3% of the internet. Statistics show that WordPress is way more popular and more people are choosing WordPress than any other platform at an eye popping rate.

It is easy to find large websites using WordPress. I named some above, but here are a few more. Izod, Courvoisier, Bata, Coca Cola France, Children’s Rights, Fortune, Dow Jones, Ted, The New York Post, Facebook Newsroom, Bates College, IGN, and more. It is difficult to find large brands and popular sites built on Squarespace. That says people are choosing a better option or that SS sites don’t rank well.

If you go to the SS customers section they show sites that trust Squarespace. These websites are not actually built on SS. If you actually click the icons like the Cisco icon you will see that it brings you to a broken link. If you check the other ones they are not the actual sites itself and the websites given have an awful Alexa Rank.

Ease of use comparison


If you like using drag and drop builders, then you will have no problem using Squarespace. It’s very simple to use for beginners and all you have to do is drag things like your images around. I personally am not a fan of drag and drop builders and some people might find it slightly confusing at first.


WordPress has a click approach to it that is why to me you can make a website quicker. Many beginners shy away from WordPress because they think that you have to be a techie to use it. You have to know HTML, CSS, etc. No!

You don’t have to know a drop of code and you can create a website in less than 10 minutes and I will show you how below. I’m not exaggerating. It will take me literally under 5 minutes to create a site with SiteGround. You don’t have to build anything. I will give you an overview.

All you have to do is choose to see plans, choose the $3.95 plan, make a website name, finish the information setup process, and allow their WordPress preinstall feature to do everything for you. You just created a site in under 5 minutes. Now log into your dashboard and install one of the thousands of free themes in the appearance section and install plugins that you want in the plugin section. There is no clearer dashboard than the WordPress dashboard. You don’t have to learn much. Everything is there for you.

SEO comparison

There is no more Google friendly platform than WordPress. Even Google recommends using WP. All website builders claim to be SEO friendly, but all of them offer basic SEO. WordPress is the only one that lets you get into your SEO and make changes.

You are able to install SEO plugins like Yoast and All In One to give you a push in Google. You are able to install SEO themes likes Genesis and cache plugins to add additional SEO power and speed to your website.

Theme/design comparisons


Squarespace really struggles when it comes to templates and designs. We all seen the Squarespace commercials with the beautiful looking SS themes. Does SS offer beautiful themes? Yes, but there is not that much to choose from and many of their themes are not for ecommerce. With only around 30 themes your business might struggle to find “the look”.


WordPress has more than 2500 free themes to get you started, but that is just free themes. There is no other platform that has more themes than WordPress. Since WordPress has a larger option you are going to find more beautiful themes for your business.

I strongly recommend Genesis for better SEO, but you can also buy themes from Themify, ThemeForest, Themeisle, Wpmudev, Elegant Themes, and all over the web. If you wanted SS because of their themes you can get the same thing and even better with WordPress. All you have to do is search for parallax WordPress themes.

Blogging comparison

Blogging is a proven strategy to send visitors your way. Even the most popular websites on the web are blogging. The question is, which platform allows you to have a more effective blog?


SS was not made to blog, but it does have blog capabilities. The problem with SS when it comes to blogging is that SS does not offer the blogging features that you need and features for more growth like search functionality features.


WordPress came up as a blogging platform. There is no other blogging platform in the world that is as flexible as WordPress and makes blogging so simple. WordPress has all the features that you need for better writing and better ranking and you are also able to install a writing plugin that you want to make your blogging life even sweeter. Although WordPress is considered the top CMS in the world now it will always be considered the top blogging platform ever.

Support comparison


WordPress has the larger community so that means that there is going to be more resources for your business. Not only do you have WordPress documentation, but you have millions of articles from other bloggers and website owners to help you. On top of all the video and tutorial support you will be getting, SiteGround offers 24/7 phone, email, and live chat support.


Squarespace does not have phone support available for their customers. This can be an issue if you run into any serious problems and you need immediate help. SS does offer live chat, but it is not 24/7 like what WordPress has to offer. It is from 3AM and 8PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

I feel bad for the people that run into problems on Saturday and Sunday. SS does offer ticket support, but overall better support has to go to WordPress. It has a larger community, it has more developers, and there are more resources available to you.

You need WordPress.

You don’t see Squarespace sites ranking for keywords like WordPress sites. It really baffles me how someone can choose SS over WP. WordPress offers plugins, better SEO, cheaper pricing, more designs, more support, it is simpler, it is more popular, it’s better for blogging, you own the site, etc.

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