b2evolution Vs WordPress: 9 Reasons To Choose WP

Many people wonder which CMS is better for blogging and making websites out of b2evolution vs WordPress? The answer to this question is very simple, but let’s find out why with this detailed comparison between these blogging and CMS platforms.


b2evolution Vs WordPress: 9 Reasons To Choose WP

Permalink structure comparison.

In a time where a good permalink structure benefits your SEO, b2evolution falls short in this category and WordPress soars in this category. One of the first things that I do when optimizing a fresh WP site is, I go to the settings in my dashboard and fix my permalink structure.

You are given a lot of options. Default and name, month and name, numeric, post name, custom structure. I always switch it to post name so I can get rid of those things that make it look long and ugly. Most of the top pages on Google don’t have all the extra stuff in their URL structure.

Here is the default structure for B2E – www.yoursite.com/index.php?title=post_title&c=1&tb=1&pb=1&more=1

You can switch it to this – www.yoursite.com/index.php/2003/05/20/post_title

To go a step further you can switch it to – www.yoursite.com/2003/05/20/post_title

What you want is this – www.yoursite.com/post-title, which is what WP gives you.

Plugin differences

Plugins give your blog extra features. For B2E there are only around 200 plugins. If you are new to blogging you might be thinking wow this is a lot, but it’s not. This is really a small amount. Compared to WP this amount is a joke because WP gives you 30,000 of them. Not only are there more with WP, but WP also has better more advanced plugins.


B2E has less than 170 themes. For a blogging platform, this is not a big supply. If you examine b2evolution themes you will see that they are basic. With WP you will have thousands of free themes to choose from. Not only will you find free themes, but you will find thousands of hi-quality and unique premium themes as well. If you want the theme that most top bloggers are using like Darren Rowse and Neil Patel then (check out Genesis here).

Support comparison

There is no blogging community that is greater than the WordPress community. Some people have never even heard about b2evolution and all they even know is WP. There are so many advantages of having a large community like WordPress and there are so many disadvantages of having a small community like B2E. It’s hard to find b2evolution reviews on the internet. Everything is outdated and it is clearly dead in comparison with WP.

With WordPress, if you run into a problem most likely someone else has had the same problem so there are already answers. With WP more companies will be able to help you. You have more resources, faster updates, more blogs to read, more videos to watch, more languages, more knowledgeable people, more guides, more forums, more social media help, more comments, etc. Go with the larger community.

Which one is better for uploading content?

The clear difference is that WP allows copy and paste commands while B2E doesn’t. With B2E you will run into a lot of problems and errors in the editing files.

Ease of use

WP is easier to use for a plethora of reasons. WP is easier to use because you can quickly install powerful plugins to extend the functionality of your site. b2evolution is easy to learn as well. But with B2E it’s going to take longer to learn, get used to, and add more functionality to your site. Beginners are able to feel more at ease with the WP drag and drop feature. With WP you don’t need to know any code. Most people who use WP are not technical in any way. It will take you less than 5 minutes to be on the web with SiteGround. The problem with B2E is that you do need to have some skills if you wish to be effective.


Most of the sites that you click on from Google are WP sites, that is one indication that WP has better SEO. When you are blogging for keywords you want every competitive advantage that you can get and because the B2E permalink structure is terrible, you are already a step behind. Right out of the box WordPress is optimized for search engines. The fact that you can install Yoast, the most powerful and popular SEO plugin in the world and cache plugins for better performance and speed is a clear reason to want WP as a CMS.

Feature overview


  • Most popular open-source CMS and blogging platform on the web.
  • Add complex galleries, social networking, forums, social media widgets, spam protection, calendars, fine-tune controls, with click install plugins.
  • Simplicity
  • Built-in Comments
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Multilingual
  • Publishing Tools
  • Easy Installation, Upgrades, and Publishing.
  • Importers
  • User & Media Management

b2evolution features

  • AntiSpam Deluxe
  • Localized in several languages
  • W3C Web standards compliance
  • Workflow
  • Server Side Analytics
  • Mass Posting
  • Advanced categorization


From the time I checked B2E hasn’t tweeted for a whole month. They only have 1023 Twitter followers, which shows that they are not popular in the blogging community. For a company that has a small number of Twitter followers and a small number of users, it is surprising that they have 313,129 Facebook Likes. WP has 508K Twitter followers and 965,706 Facebook likes.

I checked my Keyword Planner and it shows that there are only 1300 monthly searches for the keyword “b2evolution”. For the word “WordPress” there are 2,740,000 monthly searches. WP actually powers more than 24% of the web today as well.

In conclusion

If you are serious about blogging and want to make a career out of it then you need WP. It is clearly the better option and the faster-growing option. Users from B2E are moving to WordPress at a fast rate. B2E is dead. No one even thinks about it anymore.

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