WordPress Vs HTML: 7 Reasons To Choose WP

The battle between WordPress Vs HTML is no true battle at all. Let me explain. Before anyone can answer which one would be better for creating a site you have to know what they are first. HTML means HyperText Markup Language, which is a programming language used for creating web pages.

WordPress Vs HTML: 7 Reasons To Choose WP

WordPress Vs HTML: 7 Reasons To Choose WP
WordPress Vs HTML

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system. Basically, with HTML you have to start from scratch and with WordPress, everything is done for you and all you need is hosting.

I would go with WP because with it you don’t have to be an expert in HTML5, PHP, Java, CSS, etc. to make an awesome blog.

I strongly recommend that all bloggers and website owners choose WP. Let’s put it this way. Would you rather build your own 2016 BMW 528i from scratch or would you rather take a few minutes to check out the features and get the feel of it, then drive it off the lot the same day?

Google loves WordPress

Many people have switched their HTML sites over to WP and have seen a tremendous amount of improvements. Let’s talk about Matt Cutts. If you don’t know who Matt Cutts is, he started off as a software engineer for Google in the early 2000s and now he is the head of the Google Webspam team.

The reason I brought up Matt Cutts is that he endorses WP. At WordCamp San Francisco 2009 Matt Cutts says that WordPress is a great choice. He then tells his audience that they are very smart because they are using WP. Matt Cutts says, “WP automatically solves a ton of SEO issues. Instead of doing it yourself you selected WP.” On his personal blog Mattcutts.com not only is he using WP, but he is also using Genesis, which is an SEO friendly WP theme. When the top guy says WP you have to really pay attention to that.

Make life easier with WP

When you choose WordPress you will find that there is little to no coding work, which is great if you have clients. You don’t want to make things harder for your clients. You don’t have to worry so much about managing your site because there are plugins that do everything for you.


You have to always think about updates and when it comes to updates WordPress destroys HTML sites.


Most people appreciate WP. WordPress has a huge community of professionals to help you with your site for free. There are even freelancers that you can hire for a low price, but truthfully you don’t need to do this for basic site setup.


WordPress is a huge timesaver and when you save time that will result in more income. Even if you know how to code that doesn’t mean that you have the time to do it. The time it takes for you to create one HTML page could have been 15 WordPress sites. One day I created 7 beautiful sites in less than 2 hours without breaking a sweat. All the things that you want to do usually take seconds to do. One-click installs are extremely impressive and attractive to me.

The plugins are wonderful.

One of the things that attracted me towards WordPress was that there are a huge number of plugins that are being made every day. Some of the new plugins are going to be extremely popular in a few months. I love playing with new toys, it gives me a better experience. Not only are there free ones, but there are also premium plugins that will rock your socks off. Code Canyon boasts over 3700 premium WordPress plugins ranging from $4 to $71. I recommend that you occasionally check out their trending items to see what others are buying. You can also shop for plugins at WPMU DEV, Elegant Themes, and Ink Themes.

SEO benefits

If you are not sold yet let’s talk about SEO. With WordPress, you will have better SEO rankings in Google, Bing, and other search engines. All you need to do is install Yoast or the All In One SEO plugin and you’re ready. With WP all you need to do is go to the plugins search bar and type in SEO and you will see the huge pile of plugins that will increase your SEO. If you want even more benefits, then get a theme with built-in SEO like The Genesis Framework. You are going to enjoy the faster index that you will receive. If you want to actually compete with your competitors, then you know which one to choose.

In conclusion

Sometimes people think about choosing the HTML option to say hey I did it by myself. I didn’t need WordPress and plugins. Please don’t allow this to be you. If you want to make a one page dummy site just for fun then go right ahead. If you actually have plans for your site and you want to make money online easier and faster, then WP is the way to go. Most sites that are on page 1 of Google for niche keywords are WP Sites.

Start today

Sooner is better than later when it comes to goals. All you need is hosting and you are good to go. You need the top hosting for your site. Don’t worry about buying a domain name that you have to pay for yearly because BH gives you a free domain name and they will do everything for you. What are you waiting for? Check out Bluehost and create a beautiful site in minutes for cheap.