YouTube Equipment Needed To Start A Channel

I have listed 7 best YouTube equipment needed to start a successful YouTube channel. If you are trying to get your YouTube Channel up and running this article shows you all the things that you need to buy.

7 YouTube Equipment Needed To Start A Channel
YouTube Equipment Needed To Start A Channel

To save hundreds I recommend that you buy from Amazon. I have even added the estimated Amazon price. Let’s find out what you need to buy below.


The most important piece of equipment that you need is a DSLR. You can’t make YouTube videos if you don’t have a camera to use. The reasons that I recommend a DSLR over a camcorder or any other type of camera is because a DSLR is very good for low light, it offers better quality, and you get impressive videos and photos. Here are the top 4 DSLR’s I recommend to fit your budget.

  • Canon 5D Mark III – If you want the best of the best, if you want what the pros are using to make incredible Indie films then check out the Canon 5D Mark III – ($1800)
  • Canon Rebel T6i – Many famous Youtubers are using this DSLR. If you want a popular Canon DSLR that is under $700, then I recommend the T6i. Check out the Canon Rebel T6i – ($620)
  • Nikon D5300 – I love the D5300 because it is cheap but still powerful. It still allows your audience to see your beautiful videos. If you are on a very small budget and you want a great starter camera then check out the Nikon D5300 – ($400)
  • Nikon D3200 – Would you like to save a couple of hundred bucks? If so, then this is the DSLR for you. I’ve seen great videos shot with this DSLR, you won’t get better photos and videos than the video cameras above, but the quality is close. It is easy to use, great for music videos, and if you want to stay under $300 then you can’t go wrong with this camera. Check out the Nikon d3200 – ($240)
  • GoPro HERO4 – I included the GoPro as an option for sports vloggers, travel vloggers, and outdoor uses so you can mount onto something and take good shots. Check out the GoPro Hero4. – ($300)
  • Elgato Game Capture – If you want to start a gaming channel you can use a DSLR to record your gaming, but I strongly recommend a capture card for better quality and for simplicity. Check out Elgato Game Capture (Only for gaming channels) – $170


You now need a lens to use with your DSLR. Some people will recommend $700 lenses, but I learned that there are many cheap lenses that you can buy to get great quality photos and videos. Here are the 4 lenses that I recommend below.

  • ($170) Check out Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G – This is my personal favorite and I used this lens on my Nikon D610. When it comes to quality I could compete with any Youtuber.
  • ($150) Check out Tamron Auto Focus 18-200mm – Great all in one lens for shooting your target from very close up and far away.
  • ($175) Check out Canon 2562A002 EF 28-135mm – An Awesome quality Canon lens.
  • ($120) Check out Sigma 70-300mm – I’ve had the pleasure of using this Sigma lens. It is good for far away video shooting. It takes great photos and it is cheap.


For in-house close-up videos, I didn’t really need a microphone for my Nikon D610, but I still purchased one anyway because I wanted the best sound quality, not all of my in-house videos were close up, and I wanted to shoot outside.

There are so many videos I started watching on YouTube that I had to stop and go to a different one because it sounded low and it was not clear. You are definitely going to need a microphone for the best sound. Here are 4 microphones that I recommend.

  • ($90) Rode Lightweight Mic – Good, cheap, light, and doesn’t need a battery.
  • ($200) Check out Rode VideoMic Pro -This Rode Mic is slightly better for the outdoors.
  • ($500) Check out Sennheiser EW 112P G3-B Omni-directional EW system – I love this microphone and this is what I used for my Nikon. It is great for going very far, easy to hide, no static, and this is what many Youtubers use for interviews, social experiments, and prank videos.
  • ($90) Check out Movo WMIC50 2.4GHz – This is a cheaper lavalier microphone that still offers good quality.
  • USB mics! Depending on your type of YouTube channel these microphones are not needed, but they are great for voiceovers, podcasts, and gaming channels.
  • ($90) Check out Blue Microphones Yeti – Top choice on Amazon
  • ($30) Check out Blue Microphones Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone – Cheaper, but still offers good quality.

Lighting for YouTube.

To get started all that you need is a camera, lens, and a microphone. You don’t have to stress yourself about lighting, but if you have more money left over I strongly recommend that you purchase a softbox kit, which is what most makeup, beauty, and in-house Youtubers are using.

($125) Check out Fancierstudio 2400 Watt Lighting Kit – Many Youtubers are using this softbox kit for their videos. It has great reviews, it is cheap, and it will enhance your videos greatly.

Youtube Video Editing Software

Just like with lighting you don’t need an editing program to start, but it is highly recommended that you buy one. Of course, you can use built-in editing software like iMovie, but for more features here is what most Youtubers are using.

  • #1 ($100) Check out Final Cut Pro X – Easier to use, but it is only for Mac
  • #2 ($19/mo) Check out Adobe Premiere Pro – It is for both Windows and Mac users. It is arguably more powerful, but it is slightly harder to learn and it is more expensive.
  • #3 ($330) Check out Sony Vegas Pro 13 – Many Windows users and Youtubers use the Vegas Pro 13. It is very easy to use and it delivers when it comes to video editing.


A tripod is not needed, but I highly recommend that you buy one for more control.

  • ($15) Check out Dolica 67-Inch Lightweight Monopod
  • ($25) Check out Ravelli APLT4 61-inch Aluminum Tripod
  • ($25) Check out 72 Inch Elite Series Professional Tripod


Obviously, if you have a laptop you are not going to need a new one, but if you do want the best all-around laptop, then I recommend a Mac.

($750) Check out Apple MacBook Pro.

My final recommendation

Once again I do recommend the other stuff depending on your channel, but if you are trying to save money make sure that you at least get these three things today to start shooting and uploading videos immediately.

  • Buy one of these two cameras: Canon Rebel T6i or if you can’t pay $600 then get the Nikon D5300.
  • Buy one of these lenses: Nikon 50mm f/1.8G or Tamron 18-200mm.
  • Buy one of these microphones: Rode Lightweight Mic or VideoMic Pro.

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